Wealth vs. Influence – The Web Prominence of Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs

Introduction to Peekyou will allow you to rank people based on their importance.

Below is a list of 10 of the country’s highest paid CEOs, each pulling in enormous amounts of coinage every year.

While they may have control over vast sums of money, PeekYou, the people search website, has decided to take an inside look at whether their wealth translates into influence and prominence on the World Wide Web, where the general public ultimately has the last word.

The list below was compiled using PeekYou’s one-of-a-kind measurement solution known as the PeekScore system (keep reading to find out just how a PeekScore is pulled together).

PeekScore is a rank from 1 to 10, assigned to every person. The higher someone’s score, the “more important” they are on the web. In calculating your PeekScore and updating it often, PeekYou takes into account your known presence and activity on the Internet, including but not limited to; your blogging, participation in social networks, the number of your friends, followers, or readers, the amount of web content you create, and your prominence in the news.

For more information or to speak with Michael Hussey, founder and CEO of PeekYou, feel free to contact me at 646.763.8295 ormstolyar@5wpr.com.




Company / Earnings



Larry EllisonOracle / $96.2mil

8.18 / 10.00


Howard SchultzStarbucks / $28.5mil

7.83 / 10.00


Bob IgerWalt Disney / $37.1mil

7.38 / 10.00


Mark ParkerNike / $35.2mil

7.33 / 10.00


John DonahoeeBay / $29.7mil

7.32 / 10.00


Ken ChenaultAmerican Express / $28mil

7.20 / 10.00


Philippe DaumanViacom / $33.4mil

7.08 / 10.00


Richard BrackenHCA / $38.6mil

7.05 / 10.00


Louis CamilleriPhillip Morris / $24.7mil

7.04 / 10.00


Stephen ChazenOccidental Petroleum / $28.5mil

7.00 / 10.00


About PeekYou

PeekYou is a search company that is re-indexing the public web around people’s identities, and redefining what it means to look someone up online. Rather than matching together mutually relevant URLs and keywords, as Google does, PeekYou matches any given URL to the identity of the person who created it, or whom it is about. To date, PeekYou has identified over 250 million people as the authors of over 3 billion public URLs. Over 7.5 million visitors use PeekYou’s people search engine every month. As of February 13, 2012, https://www.peekyou.com was ranked the 235th most popular website in the U.S., according to Quantcast. PeekYou’s analytics products deliver enterprise-class social audience measurement solutions. The Social Analytics API provides game-changing audience insights to better target content, engage relevant consumers, and create highly converting social initiatives for your brand. More info available at: https://analytics.peekyou.com/. The company was founded in 2006 by Michael Hussey, who created the globally recognized network of “RateMy” sites such as www.ratemyteachers.com,www.ratemyprofessors.com, and more.




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