Washington Think Tank Launches Center on Higher Education Reform


6991176310_fbf2251057Higher education is not available for all students in America, while some grants and scholarships help students with their education it is not enough.  Higher education reforms need to be enacted.

The American Enterprise Institute announced Thursday the launch of the Center on Higher Education Reform (CHER).  “AEI’s new Center on Higher Education Reform will lead the conversation about how we can make higher education work for all Americans, and to prepare American students to flourish in the decades to come,” AEI president Arthur Brooks said in a statement.

AEI seeks to have CHER become a resource for key decision makers to help them address challenges of rapid increases in tuition, lackluster completion rates, swelling student debt and other issues that raise questions about higher education’s sustainability.  While the AEI is known as a right-of-center think tank with a number of research scholars and fellows who have worked in Republican presidential administrations, the center’s launch announcement drew praise on Twitter from higher education researchers whose think tank affiliations ranged from left to right on the ideological spectrum.

This issue is raising national concerns and it is so important in the future of students in the country.  The prospect of not obtaining  a college degree in this society is very frightening for most students.

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