Wait! Read this before you close your LATISM12 maletas


If you already closed your maleta for the conference, please reconsider re-opening them to make sure you have all you need to enjoy a fun, meaningful and unique experience.  Here’s your check list:

1)      Boots, Jeans & Hats: In Rome do as Romans, and in Texas do as Tejanos! So the Bienvenida party will have a cowboy theme.  Yeah! I know that most Texans aren’t cowboys but we just wanna have fun and enjoy some different kind of dancing.  Plus we want to look great with the stylish hat, jeans and boots. Ajua Southwest for sponsoring this fun event!

2)      Old Laptops, Cameras, iPods Wanted: As many of you know, a group of LATISM members will go to Machu Picchu, Peru to implement the Cyber-Sustainable-Development-Project in an isolated village of Alpaca artisans.  We need as many laptops, digital cameras, iPods as possible.  Remember that what might look really old to you can become a means of income for the members of the Patacancha community.

3)      Fancy Outfit: Si señores! This year’s Gala Awards Ceremony will have a RED CARPET!! A big Wepa to Toyota for treating us like VIPs.  So bring all your glamour because the red carpet will be live streamed.

4)      Some money: We will be having a series of book sign ups by our Latina Autoras as well as some nice gifts to support the Peru Project.  So come ready to do some Holiday shopping for a cause! Don’t you love it when gifts have a deeper meaning?  LATISM’12 will give you plenty of opportunities to give meaningful gifts.

5)      Ok-To-Wear-In-Public-Pijamas: That’s right! Soon after the fancy Despedida Party that Univision is preparing for us, we will be able to relax and chill out in chancletas and cosy pijamas to watch the Latino List Premier.  A kind courtesy of HBO.

I can’t wait to see each one of you and give you a big abrazo.  The LATISM team of volunteers have given 200% of their time and love to prepare an amazing conference for you.

Nos vemos pronto!



  1. Lorraine C. Ladish 4 years ago

    Thank you for posting this when I´m already in Houstoooooon. Lol

  2. Ed Gonzalez Loumiet 4 years ago

    Thank you for the pointers!

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