Violent protests in India over school meal deaths


HtocLclu5tF_80KqMK9PjaFHaUsJnIbK_np_0717_india_120x90It is a shame to say 22 children lost their lives in India after eating a tainted free school meal.  This news has shocked and upset many people.  Four police vehicles were set on fire in Dharmasati Gandaman in Saran district during the protests by parents and hundreds of villagers.

The Mid-Day Meal Scheme provides free food, but often suffers poor hygiene.  It was introduced to combat hunger and boost school attendance, and reaches 120 million children in 1.2 million schools across the country, according to the government.

What went wrong with these free school lunches?

The school’s cook told a government official she thought a new type of cooking oil was the cause of the poisoning.   “When the children were clinically examined, we saw that there was severe congestion in the chest, and their pupils were dilated. These are symptoms of organo-phosphorus poisoning, said  Dr. KM Dubey.

Officials need to be sure the organo-phosphorus poisoning chemical is not consumed because even a small drop of this pesticide can result to be fatal.

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