Using Diversity & Inclusion To Encourage Civic Participation in Our Communities

Using Diversity & Inclusion To Encourage Civic Participation in Our Communities

The presidential election is just a month away. With all the mobilizing we’ve seen and have participated in to encourage Latinos and Latinas to register and to vote, the question about what else we can do to help the community engage in this civic process arises.

It is evident that there is a palpable need for inclusion of diverse groups. However, this also extends to those who face challenges with mobility and other disabilities, and is often missing from inclusion discussions.

Latism Inclusion Chat -10-5-16

We know how important is to have representation from all levels of society in public service. It is equally important to engage these groups to participating in the civic process. This election gives us an opportunity to make sure those around us who need assistance to register, and go to the polls, can connect with those who can provide that service.

With this approach, we will be bringing a diverse generation of leaders to come to the forefront. Their votes not just counted and voices heard on the issues of the day, but these actively engaged members of the electorate are the kinds of citizens who become candidates, activists, and fight for policies that reflect their interests. It is important to to not only vote candidates into office who are committed to diversity and inclusion, but also support candidates with disabilities who want to run for office at different levels.

That’s why we at LATISM want to discuss the different ways in which our community can help make this election be more inclusive by joining in efforts to give access to those who have limitations. Their voices are equally important.

Please join us this coming Thursday, October 6th for our weekly #LATISM Twitter Chat, and let’s discuss resources and ways in which each one of us can help to make this coming election more inclusive.

As Latinos, we know the importance of community and the value of raising our collective voices. Let’s not forget about our fellow Latinos and Latinas who are disable, blind, or even just lack reliable transportation to easily exercise their right to vote. For this coming election, and all to come, let us make sure that we remove barriers to voting.

Come discuss challenge, share your ideas, and let’s do our part to have a truly diverse and inclusive election process.

See you then!

LATISM Diversity & Inclusion Chat

Thursday, October 6, 2016

9 p.m. EST – 10 p.m. EST


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Hosts: @DiversityUS @LATISM



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