Tonight’s party: LATISM & Univision catch the “Mundial Fever”!

Break out your tortilla chips, claim your seat front and center and get ready to scream GOOOOOOL at the top of your lungs.

Tonight’s LATISM party is all about El MUNDIAL DE FUTBOL… yes, The #WORLDCUP!!

LATISM has caught the Mundial Fever… and we’re celebrating with our friends from UNIVISION!

LATISM is teaming up with Univision Futból – the NUMBER ONE destination for all things World Cup Sudafrica 2010 – for a #latism party that is a true GOLAZO!

Joining us as well, some truly dedicated futbol fans: @julito77@cheleguanaco and @monitalan.

So , whether you’re one of those crazed fans who shout to the top of their lungs whenever your team scores, one of those bystanders who enjoys watching screaming matches over a penalty or one of those other ones who –like a certain Goddess – follows the games for the pure joy of  watching oh-so-good-looking players, YOU have to join us at 9 pm EST tonight!



•    Become a Univision fan on FB

•   Chat about all things World Cup:

• Do the Waka Waka with Univision and Shakira

•  For all things futbol, follow: #univisionfutbol #copamundial #worldcup #pasiondelmundial #latism



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