Tonight’s #Latism is all about the #Census!

Get ready to stand up, our people!

Because Latinos count… we have to make ourselves count!

What’s the importance of the Census for our community?

What do we, as a community, stand to gain and/or lose by being undercounted?

And what about that Question #9? Is it a trick question? How did you answer it?

At tonight’s party, we’ll talk about these and other questions in our collective minds.

It is estimated that Latinos were undercounted by 3% in the last Census. For us as a community, an inaccurate count could mean diminished grant funding for Latino immigrant causes and programs. As you know, these statistics help to determine how many Representatives each state has in Congress, how states are represented at the state level, on the City Council and County Board and federally. It also determines the allocation of Federal funds for things like schools, hospitals, libraries regional transportation and roads.

Being undercounted could have long-term consequences for states in particular. For every individual that is not counted, there’s approximately $1,000 per year in federal funds that states stand to lose in terms of funding.

What’s worse, it could undermine the clout that the Latino population is starting to gain politically in the United States. Do you agree or disagree?

Come out at 9 pm EST and let us know during our weekly fiesta!

Just go to [follow hashtag #latism] and tell us what you think.

Who knows? You might even win a prize or two 😉

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