Tomorrow’s #LATISM Twitter Party: The Doctor Is in – Latinos and Health with @NewHealthDoc

© Michael Zysman |

© Michael Zysman |

Those of us lucky enough to grow up with the trusty home remedies lovingly prepared by our madres and abuelitas, know for sure that their concoctions are unrivaled when it comes to curing one and all ailments. After all, who can possibly doubt the power of the all-mighty Vivaporú or the miracles of sábila?

Yes, even in our age of high-tech, highly specialized medicine, the practice and trust in ancient folk medicine still plays a big part in the way our community approaches health and treatments. In fact, according to a recent Consumer Reports article, the practice of visiting botánicas is actually growing in urban areas around the country, following Latino immigration patterns. But do these traditional practices place our community under bigger health threats?

Tomorrow night on LATISM, The Doctor Is in to answer our questions!

Dr. José Luis Mosquera (@NewHealthDoc)

Our special guests will be our good friends from Consumer Reports (@CRenespanol) as well as one of their Health Experts, Dr. José Luis Mosquera (@NewHealthDoc).

Dr. Mosquera, who is an Integrative Health Physician and Professor with over 20 years of practice in the Hispanic community, will discuss Latino health, homemade remedies and the myths surrounding their usage.

  • Are home-made remedies really helpful? What should people do before taking them?
  • There are so many studies out there about medications and health, how can consumers make sure the claims are valid?
  • Should be new training requirements for doctors and nurses who practice in underserved communities?
  • How can we make people in our community more aware of the risks of using supplements and herbal medicines and about health resources available for them?

Join us at 9pm EST and bring in YOUR own health questions for the good Doctor!




    Estilofamiliar 4 years ago

    I have to mark my calendar to participate tomorrow!

  2. Elianne Ramos 4 years ago

    I’d love it if you came!

    Gcamacho 4 years ago

    Hi, Is there anyway to view the chat today, for example a transcript of the tweets.

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