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The noblest act is a kind thought – the noblest thought is a kind deed. _Thephilosourfer

I’ve known Dania for over a year.  Since the day we met she has been planning a move to Charlotte.  Initially I thought it was the typical New Yorker looking for a warmer city.  It wasn’t until she told me about her goal to help her sister take care of her grandmother that I finally understood Dania’s true motives.  What a noble act of kindness!

We then went to Disney together and that’s when I learned the story of Dania’s abuelita.  Like the case of many Latinos, Dania and her siblings were raised by her grandmother.  She was her role model as a woman, a fashion diva, a strong Latina and a caring mother.  Taking care of this woman became a duty to Dania and her sister.  She gave them all and now it was time to show how grateful they were by taking good care of abuelita.

Time went by and Dania kept focused on the move.  Working harder than ever and planning every little detail.  It took her an entire year.  She moved from New York, her sister moved from Michigan.  Finally mission accomplished!  Only that three days later, la abuelita had a massive heart attack and died.  I was left speechless by what’s happened.  God must have wanted to unite these two sisters before their mother moved to a better life.  One of those things you have to dig really deep to find any meaning.

Now Dania and her sister must arrange the funeral back in the Dominican Republic.  As you can imagine, right after an inter-state move and now an international funeral, the expenses are overwhelming.  We all love to express friendship and support via tweets, the bear hugs we exchange at conferences and all that good stuff.  But it in moments like these that we must show community.  Now is when we have to express real support with whatever help we can afford.  It can be the price of a lunch $10 to the price of a good bag $100 or anything in between.  Each one of us know how we can help.

I really hope we can show our support in every way we can.  Please use this widget to make your donation but also to place it on your blog for the next week.  The funds go straight to Dania’s paypal account and every help counts.  The more places we have the widget the sooner we can get to our goal.

The code for the widget:

<embed src=”https://widget.chipin.com/widget/id/866aa45d8b38c940″ flashVars=”event_title=Dania%20Santana%20&event_desc=To%20help%20her%20cover%20the%20funeral%20expenses” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowScriptAccess=”always” wmode=”transparent” width=”250″ height=”250″></embed>

Adelante mi gente, together we can move mountains!



  1. couponmamacita@gmail.com'
    Myrah - Coupon Mamacita 4 years ago

    So sorry for Dania! Will gladly post the widget on my sites and make a donation. Moments like these we need to support our amigas and hermanas. Thanks for making us aware Ana.

  2. Apoyándonos en momentos así es que demostramos que somos una gran familia en LATISM. Voy a preparar un post con el tema.

  3. MariaC@toughcookiemommy.com'

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Dania’s beloved grandmother. I have posted the widget on my blog and will be doing everything I can to spread the word. These are the moments when the LATISM family comes together and proves what we are all about.

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