This week, Latism celebrates El Día Del Niño!

No matter how we may affectionally call them –niño, chico, chiquito, muchacho, carrizito, chaval, pibe, zagal, chamaco, chavo –truth is, our children are undeniably the life we bring forth from within and the one that carry us into our future. As Mexican luminary Mario Moreno (Cantinflas – RIP) so touchingly said in his song: “When all the children in the world laugh because of happiness, only then we’ll be able to feel calmer about the future of humanity.”

Children are the axis of life in every culture, but when you consider that 1 in every 5 children born in America each day is a Latino, we come face to face to the monumental task we have ahead of us: to set our children on the path to greatness.

This week, Latism celebrates El Día Del Niño, the largest children’s celebration around the world.

Although celebrated at different times in different countries, the significance and purpose of this day is the same: a day of worldwide fraternity for supporting and defending the rights of children around the world.

Even if you have no children of your own, come join us as we discuss current issues like education, teaching kids about our traditions and how we, adult Latinos, can become the best example to our kids, the future majority of America.

You’ll also have a chance to win some cool prizes!

–       Interactive Bilingual Toys courtesy of Ingenio and

–       Canticuentos CDs (with traditional children’s songs in Spanish) and adult T-shirts, courtesy of

See you all then!




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