The Real Value of a College Education


College education is becoming so expensive that the value of a degree is declining.  Why is higher education being picked on, when as a kid everyone was taught to strive for a college degree?

Tuition is not going down and every year students all over the country are faced with $33,0o0 in tuition costs for private colleges and 22,000 for state colleges.  Sadly for some students investing in a traditional college education is viewed as an investment of diminishing returns.

Is earning a college degree really an important factor in making money?

It’s well-proven that you don’t need a college degree to make money. Just look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and even more recently, Nick D’Aloisio—a 17-year-old who sold his news-reading app to Yahoo for millions.

Peter A. Thiel sets an example for students who want to get an education, but he puts a spin on it.  He tries to lure students away from college for two-years with a 100,000 fellowship.  Tony Wagner an education specialist and author of  Creating Innovators: Young People Who Will Change the World, has a different view of education.  Wagner focuses on creativity and curiosity as important elements in education.

While today’s students and graduates are more likely to see college as a means to achieving professional success and financial security, students from earlier eras believed in the power of education to cultivate virtue and instill character.

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