The Economic Imperative of Closing the Skills Gap

Closing the Skills Gap Panel

The success of our economy is dependent on a highly skilled workforce that fosters technology, innovation, and competition. However, U.S. companies are unable to fill many positions due to the growing skills gap.

According to American Progress, if the U.S. were able to close the educational achievement gap between whites, Hispanics, and blacks our economy would be nearly 2.3 trillion larger in 2050.  But this isn’t only about the increase in tax revenues or GDP, it is actually deeper than that.  This is about future generations of children and their families with higher living standards making them less likely to struggle in poverty.

How do we eliminate the gap when our system struggles to adequately prepare students to meet the demands of a skilled workforce?

Join this extraordinary panel with Jackie Reyes, Justin Velez-Hagan, and Jaryn Emhof as they explore the intersection of educational excellence, a skilled workforce, and a strong economy. Experts will discuss public policy solutions and strategies that can potentially improve education and employment opportunities in a way that strengthens our nation’s workforce.


Wendy Rivera, Esq. Executive Director LATISM



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