The connection between the need for immigration reform and our countries history


Introducing a great new article by Ciara Echavarria on immigration reform and US history

Times have changed and so have the methods of creating social change. Today using social media imarch has started a virtual march. When we look at past movements and take into account those who have been suppressed, a group that has been marginalized screams for equality. Many Americans take advantage of the rights they enjoyed today and do not think about those who fought for us. I

support immigration reform because I was born to parents who came to this country wanting me to have a better life. As a woman I understand if it wasn’t for Susan B. Anthony I just might not have the right to vote. I know that had it not been for Rosa Parks, as a minority, segregation may have easily been my reality.

In college I wrote my senior year research paper on the Dream Act. I believe that our government has created a new shadow society. Many illegal immigrants work and live in the United States. They are our friends, co-workers & neighbors. Often, they take on medial jobs that we find to be undesirable. I defend the Dream Act due to the children who were born of illegal immigrants and are of no fault of their own, caught in these situations. They were forced to come here and many times when they try to further their education, they are faced with obstacles that stem from the need of a comprehensive immigration reform.

We must look to history and recognize that mistakes were made when a group was denied access to be treated equally. Imagine coming to this country as a young child going through the school system all the way to college but are now at a screeching halt due to your ineligibility for financial aid. An occurrence that happens much too often! Many students are not able to continue their education and as a country we are denied another successful graduate whom would contribute to our economy.

For this and many other reasons, I support immigration reform and imarch wants you to continue the conversation. We need your help! It is only through social movements in which we can come together as a people and create change. This is your call to action. Locate and contact your senators and start the change today!

Read to learn more about Immigration Reform and imarch.


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