Survey: Adults text more than teens while driving

texting and driving

If you are under the impression that texting happens only with teens you are wrong.  In fact a survey done by AT&T shows that parents admitted to texting while driving, compared to a slightly smaller group of teens that fessed up to the same thing. 98% of the adults in the survey were aware that texting and driving is dangerous.   

AT&T launched the “It can wait” campaign back in 2009.  This campaign has a series of TV  ads of people injured, or families of drivers who were killed in car accidents due to mobile use.  AT&T’s global marketing officer wrote in a statement. “I’m confident, together we can save lives by encouraging millions more to make the personal commitment never to text and drive.”  This campaign was launched to discourage cell phone use while driving.

Important facts!

According to the Virgina Tech Transportation Institute “ Drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to get into an accident than other drivers”.  Despite all of the awareness behind texting and driving the surveys says that six out of 10 respondents admitted that 3 years back they would not text and drive.

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