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PTSD, a trauma and stressor-related disorder,  can be caused by many experiences, including combat, in-service personal assault or harassment, military sexual trauma, or any other traumatic event.  Whether you personally have been involved in a traumatic event or know someone who has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) we wanted to hear from you, the LATISM familia.

As such, LATISM hosted a PTSD Awareness Twitter Chat and was pleased at how our community came together to learn and share information/resources.  Justin Velez-Hagan, CEO of the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce and proud veteran of Afghanistan and Brenda Duplantis, Disability & VA Advocate for Hill & Ponton, P.A., shared a wealth of information, including how entrepreneurship training programs can help transition veterans to civilian life, become productive members of society, contribute to our nation’s economy and care for their families.

The live online chat addressed some of the issues important to Hispanic veterans such as improving access to care and unemployment rate among Hispanic veterans. For example,  Hispanic veterans “disproportionately serve on the front lines in our nation’s wars and often sacrifice their lives at the same disparate rate which can increase cases of PTSD.” Velez-Hagan further noted that “[d]espite sacrificing so much for the country, the unfortunate fact is that veterans have higher unemployment rates, Hispanics highest of all.” You can find the PTSD Awareness Twitter Chat story on Storify.

Special thanks to Justin Velez-Hagan and Brenda Duplantis for sharing their knowledge and educating our community.

Thanks for helping us better serve our community.



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