Study Shows Promising Results in Reducing Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack

high blood pressure

high blood pressureHigh blood pressure has become a global concern and people do not know how to control it.  As we know high blood pressure increases the risk of a heart attack and stroke.  Smoking, drinking alcohol, being sedentary are risk factors for hypertension, commonly called high blood pressure.  But there are also other risks. High blood pressure is a genetic trait that tends to run in families.

Buchholz took part in a study of 450 people with uncontrolled high blood pressure.  One group received usual care, meaning they had their blood pressure checked whenever they saw their doctors.

The other group monitored their blood pressure at home almost daily for a year.  Their results were sent electronically to a pharmacist.

The researchers say the intervention helped patients become more likely to take their medication, get more involved in their own health care and communicate better with their health care team.

Monitoring you blood pressure and following up with your doctor can be the difference between getting a stroke or living a healthy life.

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