Study: ‘Latino Education Gap’ threatens Arizona’s economic future


Default_CampusInfoState officials are not paying enough attention the education gap in Arizona.  This is one of many issue associated to the economy and job placements, without a good education people will not be working in high paying jobs.  Hispanics are a growing part of the workforce in Arizona.  They say under-served Hispanic-American children are in danger of becoming an under-educated, unskilled workforce.  In Arizona the Hispanic population is expected to be the majority of the workforce.

Which jobs will the upcoming generation have if they are falling in the education gap?

“What that’s creating is a workforce that’s coming up which is largely Latino–that’s the young workforce coming up– that is going to be under-skilled, under-educated, and therefore not able to compete for the top jobs which has a ripple effect of Arizona not being able to compete regionally, nationally, internationally,” says ASU Morrison Institute Latino Public Policy Center Director Joseph Garcia.

Latino Public Policy Center Director Joseph Garcia.

Garcia says, “We’re creating a permanent underclass and it’s not serving anyone. And the economic case is that if we don’t do anything, looking just at straight-line projections, Arizona’s median income actually drops by about $3,000 over the next 15 years, 20 years. And that means there’s less spending money, with people buying goods and services. Less money in the economy.”

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