Study Gauges Value of Technology in Schools


4547122173_9664056a8fThe rapid use of Technology in schools seems to be attracting lots of attention and officials are wondering if this is a smart investment.  The National Assessment of Educational Progress, found that middle school math students more commonly used computers for basic drills and practice than to develop sophisticated skills.  If tax payers and school districts are rushing to buy computers, tablets,digital white boards and other technology, these devices should be put to good use.

The analysis of the N.A.E.P. data found that 34 percent of eighth graders who took the math exams in 2011 used computers to “drill on math facts” while less than a quarter worked with spreadsheets or geometric figures on the computer.  According to the report, 73 percent of students who took the 12th-grade National Assessment science exam said they regularly watched a movie or video in class.

Experts who study the effectiveness of instructional technology say there is potential for some digital programs to improve teaching.  Steve Ritter, chief scientist at Carnegie Learning, said one of the benefits of the technology was that it used the principles of cognitive science to help students gain a deeper understanding of concepts rather than simply drill math problems.

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