Students interact plenty with technology outside of classrooms, so let’s leave it there.

kid thinking on computer

kid thinking on computerDo you often wonder if kids get any education from using technology when they are out of school?  Most parents assume their kids don’t benefit from the excessive time on their technological devices.  Perhaps there is another side to this argument.   There are benefits of engagement with technology according to Patricia Greenfield, a developmental psychologist at UCLA .  She has studied the relationship between children and technology, she discusses the benefits of engagement with technology.  She addresses that video games are not all evil and they could help with the development of complex skills like spatial visualization and inductive reasoning.  

The overuse of technology has some effects on its users and Greenfield’s critique is that their minds are becoming lopsided: too schooled in one type of media, and not well enough acquainted with others.  A surprising point of the benefits of using video games is they help build players’ spatial skills (which are themselves important not only for future careers in the STEM fields, but also because they aid in the here-and-now understanding of classroom mathematics)

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