‘Spice’ Drug, AKA ‘K2’ Or ‘Potpourri,’ Is Legal & Popular Among Teens In Southern California


There is a new drug five times more powerful than Marijuana that teens are currently using.  Parents are specially concerned since this drug is legal even as it sends teens to the hospital with terrifying health effects.  The drug “Spice,” also known as “K2” or “potpourri,” is a synthetic marijuana made from fertilizer from China, mixed with lettuce leaves.  This drug has the following effects causes agitation, confusion, hallucinations, vomiting and, in some cases, heart attacks and even comas, according to CBS2.

Why aren’t people getting arrested for distributing this drug?

No arrests have been made because every time the DEA labels a chemical compound in spice an illegal controlled substance, the manufacturers in China replace it with another compound that is equally as harmful.

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