‘Smart guns’ could be next step in gun control


Banning guns altogether from the fire arm market is not going to work for people against guns.  Can technology help us figure out a way to create “Smart guns” or this a waste of money and time?  When background checks for gun purchases entrepreneurs are attempting to figure out a way to curb gun violence.

The smart guns are designed to detect a watch, ring or even a grip.  Researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology have been working on a grip-recognizing gun similar to the one James Bond uses in “Skyfall.”  

How do these new guns work?

Sensors on the grip — similar to the touchpad on a laptop — measure the pressure applied and the size and shape of the hand holding the gun.

Armatrix is already selling these guns in Europe and Asia.  But even so, none are available in the United States, due to lack of demand from gun makers and owners.  Like every product this new smart gun could make things more dangerous if these guns are loaded and technology fails and they accidentally fired.

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