Should There Be Stricter Rules About How Coaches Treat Their Players


The alarming news about the Rutgers coach who ridiculed his players has spread like wild fire.  Some people are against this treatment of players while others argue that players need discipline.

The following question was asked

How do you think leaders, whether they are coaches, directors, instructors, bosses, teachers or any other authority figure, should motivate people? Where does pushing hard stop and abuse begin?

Former coaches and basketball players responded to the question by saying…

Dan Dakich a former coach stated “I’d be a hypocrite if I came on here and said I haven’t yelled and screamed at players; I did,” he said on ESPN Radio on Wednesday. “I was crazy and am sure if I looked back and heard what I said, I’d be disgusted with myself.”

Justin Haas a former student  where Mike Rice coached said “the image of Rice in the montage of Rutgers practices was at odds with the coach he knew and admired.” He did agree that Rice had a “fiery approach” but he was intense for a reason and he just wanted to bring out the best of his players.

Verbally humiliating players in front of the whole team is not bringing out the best of players.

The public asked Why didn’t the Rutgers players who were targets of Rice’s abuse strike back, or at least voice objections to his behavior?

“Because it’s far more common than you think, especially in the youth and A.A.U. ranks,” said Matthew Davidson, president of the Institute for Excellence and Ethics, which conducts research and creates programming on the development of character and culture in sport.  These coaches get players scholarships and once students are there they have to take it because if they decide to transfer the coach will throw a ball and say you have character issues.

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    Ryan 3 years ago

    this is all copied from new york times article

    Garry 2 years ago

    You should write the personal narrative essay examples out of this article. I think it would be pretty popular according to New York Times.

    Chris Carol 1 year ago

    Totally agree with the author’s point. Players need discipline. And this article explains why in more detail.

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