Save Battery Life With These 7 Lite Versions of Your Favorite Apps


Melting-down-marketing-lies-Heres-how-long-your-new-laptop-battery-will-really-lastMany of us often wish our battery life lasted longer and are aware of the apps that drain our battery power.  Did you know there are lite versions of your apps that help save your phone battery?

The following 7 apps can help you save battery life on your favorite apps


  1.   Lite WebApp for Facebook can give you more life.  This app is only available for Android devices, but check out Friendly for an iOS alternative.
  2. Without using up your precious data plan, PinHog lets you use Pinterest while you’re offline.The app is only available for Android devices.
  3. Tweedle, an alternative to Twitter, runs smoothly, consumes less battery and has a clean interface.Tweedle is available for Android devices. For an iOS alternative, check out Twitterrific 5 for Twitter.
  4. With YT Movies, you can watch YouTube clips and send them to your smart TV and other media players. YTMovies (Lite) is ad-supported with limited options, and is only available for Android devices. There is also an ad-free Pro YT Movies version available at the Android store for $0.99.For an iOS alternative, try Jasmine.
  5. PicShop is an app that helps with memory usage and allows you to edit, add filters and frames, and share your photos.PicShop Lite is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  6. My-Cast Weather Lite.This app is only available for Android devices. An upgraded version, My-Cast Weather, is available for Android and iOS devices for $3.99.
  7.   CloudMagic, which simply consolidates all of your email accounts into one app. You can find emails quickly and, most importantly, it’s easy on battery life.CloudMagic is available for both Android and iOS.

With these apps users can take advantage of more battery life and enjoy a longer user experience.

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