Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day: How Short-Term Thinking Will Crush Your Business

startupStart up businesses are guilty of expecting instant success and this could be one of the reasons that they don’t last in the long run.  The author of  ” Rome wasn’t Built in a Day: How Short-Term Thinking Will Crush Your Business” addresses what is needed to have a successful business in the long run.

Starting off with a good business strategy sets the right foundation for any business.  When that time arrives, you should equally have the data to look back at weeks, months–even years– and see the effects of the actions you took.  There is a huge component of customer service to a successful business.  You must court customers, earn their loyalty, and know why they enjoy doing business with you.  

Staying focused on the future also gives a business a better chance at meeting goals.  If all you’re looking at is a weekly or monthly earning goal, you’ll cut yourself short when you’re running strong enough to surpass it, and you’ll wear yourself out when it takes longer to happen.

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