RECAP: International Women’s Day LATISM Twitter Party (plus Winners!)


This past Thursday, LATISM celebrated International Women’s Day by putting together a conversation with poderosa author @MarielaDabbah, who graciously took time off the promotion of her new book “Poder de Mujer” to share her tips on how to embrace your Latin@ness for success.

And what a chat it was! You really cannot set up a chat with power Latin@s and expect the conversation to be less than inspiring. The voices of the outspoken mujeres y hombres in our online community raised up to discuss their concerns and hopes for the new generation of Latinas behind them.

Their challenges, as it became evident, are at once specifically their own, yet not so unlike those of women in any given ethnicity, but these Latinas have been able to develop novel strategies for bridging the gap between the old-world ways of their mamás, tías, and abuelitas and the world of opportunities in this country. Along the way, they shared their frustrations, their views on sexism and ‘cattiness’, and shared tips for finding professional success, breaking the glass ceiling and embracing femininity, Latina style. Here’s a summary, in their own words:

And because we never miss a chance to share with our community, we gaveaway 5 copies of Mariela’s new book “Poder de Mujer” and 5 copies of her previous book “La Ventaja Latina en el Trabajo” to some lucky participants!!!!














As usual, I have compiled all their views and recommendations in our full International Women’s Day LATISM Twitter Party transcript, in the hopes that you read, understand, and put to good use the resources they kindly shared. Most of all, I hope this conversation reminds us to celebrate women of all backgrounds not just on International Women’s Day — or month — but every single day of our lives.

p.s. If your name is in the list of winners, please DM @ergeekgoddess to arrange shipment of your book! And congrats!!




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