RECAP: A Record-Breaking LATISM Twitter Party With Es El Momento


The topic of education tends to bring out the passionate side of Latinos in social media… and last night’s Twitter party was certainly no exception (Just look at the record-breaking numbers below = 16, 602, 555 impressions!). Can I hear you say WEPA?!?!?!

With so many issues surrounding Education as it pertains to Latino students, it was to be expected: the comments poured, the ideas flowed, and well… the sparks flew. Particularly impassioned parts of the conversation came while discussing the effectivity of the educational system, the impossible-to-reach cost of education, and the (perceived?) value of the GPA-centered grading system. We also discussed the importance of parental involvement and well, practically every aspect of the higher education system.

Did we come to any solutions? You be the judge. Read our ES EL MOMENTO PARTY TRANSCRIPT and get a first-hand look at the insights and ideas our LATISM tweeps shared, and find out all about the amazing resources Univision is offering through our their campaign Es El Momento. For instance, you CAN’T MISS their National Town Hall Education Forum (going on today at 4 PM EST) from Washington, DC, and featuring Sec. of Education Arne Duncan, Sec. of Labor Hilda Solis, Fernando M. Reimers, Director of Global Education and International Educational Policy at Harvard and Miami Dade College President Eduardo Padrón. Please please, please visit the Es El Momento page and share these valuable Spanish-language resources with everyone you know! We all have someone in our lives who sorely needs this information!

Then come back here and read the unbelievable stories of strength, perseverance and entrega in the path to education, from some of the most outspoken bloggers in our LATISM-sphere! A big abrazo and heartfelt thanks to all our contributors for their dedication to Education – You make LATISM proud!

  1. Via @SolyPimienta: Cómo Conseguir Que Sus Hijos Amen Las Matemáticas Y La Escuela
  2. Via @AhorrosConCupon: Edúcate – Es El Momento De Obtener Un Titulo Universitario
  3. Via @Maybelline_V: Campaña Univisión Es El Momento
  4. Via @AliciaBorchardt: Es El Momento de Educarse
  5. Via @GinaRuiz: Education Week & Books 
  6. Via @thecarlitosway: Education is the path to recovery and our future
  7. Via Mama Boricua en Brooklyn: Educando Desde El Vientre
  8. Via @MamaOrquestaWhy The Education Is Important In My Blog 
  9.  Via @Beremar3: My own educational adventure… High School Memories
  10. Via @AhorraDolares: ¡Edúcate! Es el Momento: Una Inversión
  11. Via @tonytorero: My Education Crossroads. A World of Opportunity
  12. Via @GinaRuiz: Thoughts on Education  
  13. Via @SuperBaratisimo: “Es El Momento” De Tomar Acción En El Futuro De Tus Hijos
  14. Via @MamaXXI: ¡Edúcate! Es el Momento
  15. Via @CuponeandoLive: ¡Edúcate! Es el Momento 
  16. Via @MiltonHCamilo: Education for innovation 
  17. Via @Mamanoticias: Descubre el Tesoro de la Educación con tus Hijos
  18. Via @ArtemisRetreats: Our Dreams – A Poem
  19. Via @IsabelGarcialG: Education and Latinos
  20. Via @salmendoza: College: A Life Changing Experience 
  21. Via @Followthelede: Celebrate National Education Week
  22. Via @AngryLatino: The cost of Higher Education and Achieving your Dreams
  23. Via @RachlWhite: Their Future Is Our Future
  24. Via @Coupon_Chica: Es El Momento… de tomar las riendas de la educación de nuestros hijos


Es el momento, launched in February 2010, is Univision’s comprehensive, multi-platform, national education initiative aimed at improving academic achievement among K-12 Hispanic students. The initiative focuses on college readiness, high school and college completion, as well as engaging Hispanic parents and the broader community. This effort is conducted in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, community, education and civil rights groups from around the country. Other partners include ASPIRA, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, The College Board and NASA. As the premier media company serving the U.S. Hispanic community, Univision’s mission is to inform, entertain and empower Hispanics. Es el momento builds on Univision’s legacy of supporting the community through the creation of initiatives on issues affecting them, including education, health and civic engagement.

Univision is a LATISM’s Sponsor. LATISM is a non-profit organization. The generous support of our sponsors and partners helps LATISM organize and fund our scholarships, educational events, conferences and other programs throughout the year. 



  1. AnaRC 8 years ago

    What a powerful conversation that was! Thank you Elianne for leading it and Univision for sponsoring such an important cause. Es el momento de educar nuestro(a)s Latino(a)s ahora mismo!!!

    Anonymous 8 years ago

    That is awesome! Sorry I missed it! 🙁

    blancastella 8 years ago

    It was very inspiring and motivating!  Here is my blog post which was part of the Educate campaign too:)

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