Postal Service May Cut Delivery to The Door


The days of having your mail delivered to the door may be numbered. In a continuing effort to improve revenue and cut costs, the US Postal Service has proposed ending mail delivery to the door in favor of curbside or cluster mailbox delivery. According to officials at the USPS, it costs $353 per address each year for delivery tot he door. Curbside delivery costs $224 per address, and cluster boxes cost $160 per address. With cluster boxes, mailboxes for individual addresses are grouped together at a central neighborhood location.

It’s not clear if and when this plan will be implemented fully, though it has been started in some places. The USPS lost some $16 billion last year and they indicated that the switch to curb or cluster delivery could save an estimated $4-6 billion. Unless they are allowed by Congress to upgrade their business model and make major changes, the USPS might require a $50 billion bailout by 2017 in order to continue to operate.

It was pointed out that one of the major issues is a huge expense for future retiree’s healthcare as well as shrinking mail volume. Thus far, no taxpayer funds have been used to help the USPS.
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