No Latinos Left Behind

We’ve come a long way since Latism began and we would like to thank each of you for your wonderful support. With the Latinos in Social Media Heritage Tour only days away, we had a very important realization. Because we were receiving so many requests for reduced admission, we now see that we were doing our members a disservice by offering the conferences at a high cost in the current state of our nation’s economy. So we made an executive decision to pump up our own economy and obtain scholarships so that everyone is financially able to attend.

We reached out to sponsors and benefactors and asked for their support in providing scholarship funds. We’ve also had to scale down on the some of the event details and use that money to subsidize the education of anyone interested in attending but we feel this will be a big benefit for the majority of the people in the Latism community.

We ask for your support in this decision. We ask that you trust us to act in the best interest of the Latism community. Latism is not just a conference, it is a movement of Latino professionals striving to learn, communicate, market and connect in like mind with individuals who share similar passions, cultures and a quest for excellence in life and business.

We want to empower you to take your business to the next level. Come Grow With Us.

Applying for a scholarship is fast. Answer the 3 simple questions below, submit your request and receive a confirmation code when your application is accepted. Then, use the code to pay just $60 for the NY event (saving you $140 off the original price) and just $40 for the Orlando event ($160 off the original price). Most applications will be accepted.



You must put in your name and email at the end of the survey, in order for us to send you the scholarship code.

BONUS: We have 25 expedited scholarships, no application is necessary. But you must ACT quickly and use discount code: “education09” to get the scholarship instantly!

For NY conference, Register Here

For Orlando Conference, Register Here

We’re still accepting votes and nominations for the Latism Social Media Awards:

Vote Now The nominations for the Latism Social Media Awards in NY are in!

Nominate your favorite Latino/a or Business in Social Media in Florida.

Go On, Show Them Some Love!

Latism was created by Latinos for Latinos.
Let’s continue to move forward….Adelante!




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