New Year Resolution Twitter Party

2014 Resolution

Our hope is that you set a goal from every aspect:  Your body, soul, brain, career/business, Family and Community.  To help with the first, we have invited top experts in the health fields:

Dr. Moschera – @NewHealthDoc

Dr. Kristy Wilson – @ChristysChomp

Dr. Helen Troncoso – @MsNYAmerica2012

Our Twitter Party Leader: 

Melanie Mendez Gonzalez – @MendezGonzales


Please make sure that you follow all five accounts and also follow any new friend you find at the party.  Like always, LATISM parties have always been a great moment to find new hermano(a)s who can join your causa.

To help you start thinking about the secrets of achieving your goals.  Here are 6 Key steps:

1) Have a specific goal – The more concrete the better!

2) Set a deadline – Make it realistic and achievable.

3) Write down your goal – Already mentioned it but never said enough.

4) List 5 baby steps that will help you get closer to your goal – Some call it a plan.

5) Focus on your goal as top priority – Identify distractors weekly and eliminate them.

6) Read your goal out loud every day to yourself – Until you achieve them.

The killer secret: Join a support group that will keep that fire alive.  If you’re dead serious about achieving your goal, here’s a form you can fill out to help you determine all 6 steps.  We’ll keep your form confidential and reach out for help only if you ask.  But deep down in your head, you know that your goal is dancing in Cyberlandia and now it must be achieved.  Ready to start the Ritual? Fill out this form:

See you at 9:00 PM (EST)! Bring it all with you!

A quick reminder:

Consumer Report is partnering with LATISM to study mobile usage among Latinos who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.  If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, please fill out our survey.  It will really help us understand the type of services our fellow Latinos need.  We will share results with all of you.

The English Survey:

The Spanish Survey:




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