New Smart Watch Might Makes Calls Too


The newly announced Omate TrueSmart Watch is supposed to be able to actually make and receive calls by itself. If this is true, it will be quite a switch from other “smart watches” that have to be tethered by Bluetooth to an existing smart phone in order to work. The watch will feature a camera, 1.5 inch color touchscreen, a dual core processor and GPS and thanks to a micro-SIM card, will be able to make calls.

There are a couple other smart watches that claim this capability but so far none of these products seem to be available as yet. Until now, most smart watches acted merely as an extension of a smart phone, making them nothing but very expensive remote screens. But with the inclusion of actual calling capabilities, these watches could act as phones themselves, making them useful to some people who need a phone but can’t or don’t want to carry a full size one.

My worries would be battery life and cost. Most of these devices cost anywhere from $179 to well over $300 and if they can make calls, then you’d also need a cell plan to use them, which would add even more to the overall cost. I’m still not convinced these devices are the next big thing, but they are interesting.

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