New LATISM Blog in English and Español

New Latism Conversation is bilingual

It is with great pride that I introduce our new LATISM conversation.  This time it will be fully bilingual just like our LATISM’11 conference.

I’ve been dreaming about this moment for the longest.  How can we be true Latin@s in social media if we don’t welcome with open arms those members who feel more comfortable expressing themselves in Spanish?  The point in this cyber-familia is to make everyone feel included.

Having said this, we’re not looking for literal translations.  We’re looking for interpretations.  From my UN experience I can tell you that there is a huge difference between the two.

Our topics will remain the same.  We will stay true to our mission: To empower Latin@s in the areas of education, health, technology and financial literacy through the use of social media.  Since this mission is accomplished in the context of the family and work, we are adding three new topics:  Family, Career and Business.  Our experts in the different fields will continue to instigate spicy conversations.

If you feel we’re leaving out an important topic, please feel free to take ownership.  At the end of the day this is YOUR space so speak up.  I hope you enjoy our new conversation.  Not as an observer, but as an engaged and opinionated member.  If you happen to be an expert in one of our key topics, you can apply to join our editorial team.  The biggest satisfaction comes from sharing our knowledge. For “Knowledge is the food for for the soul” – Plato



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  1. Lorraine C. Ladish 8 years ago

    I am enjoying the whole bilingual experience. I, too am an interpreter and I know that a literal translation is not the same as an interpretation. Kudos to everything you are doing. 

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