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Time is running out to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and uphold longstanding protections for victims of violence. For the first time in nearly 20 years, there is a real possibility that Congress will pass a version of VAWA that erodes protections for immigrants, LGBT, and tribal women and men. Members of the House and Senate now are negotiating the terms to reconcile two vastly different versions of the VAWA reauthorization bill. It is their last chance to ensure a final VAWA reauthorization bill that advances protections for immigrant survivors and upholds the intent of VAWA.

The immigration committee of the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence is organizing a blog carnival to raise awareness and show Congress a united front of support to pass a VAWA reauthorization bill that does not roll back protections for victims of violence.  The blog carnival will coincide with a national day of action to support VAWA.


Write a blog post that focuses on one of the topics below or on one of your choice. We encourage contributors to use this action as an opportunity to show solidarity with immigrant and LGBT victims of violence and tribal members who have been marginalized in this year’s VAWA debate.

Topics ideas include:

  • Explanation of where the VAWA reauthorization process stands now and why Congress must reject the harmful House VAWA alternative bill, HR 4970, sponsored by Rep. Sandy Adams.
  • Why the safety of immigrant, LGBT, and tribal women and men should be of concern to everyone.
  • Stories of survivors who have been able to escape violence and rebuild their lives thanks to VAWA.
  • A discussion about how members can show their leadership by helping to move the bill into conference to reach a bipartisan agreement.
  • Who are the supporters of HR 4970 and what do they stand to gain if protections for immigrant women are eroded?
  • How the Supreme Court decision on the Arizona SB 1070 immigration law will affect immigrant victims of violence, and the importance of VAWA in the context of laws like SB 1070 and Alabama’s HB 56.
  • What will the fallout be if Congress passes a version of VAWA that rolls back protections? What’s at stake?
  • Draw from the momentum the immigrant rights movement has gained from President Obama’s announcement to grant deferred action to DREAM Act youth and show why Congress would be ill advised to use VAWA to erode immigrant rights.


  • Post your submission to your blog or website
  • After you have posted to your blog or website, please send a link to your post to


  • Please send links of all blog posts by COB Monday, June 25.
  • This will allow LATISM to organize posts and sort through any technical issues before publishing a blog post linking to all of the contributions.
  • During the carnival, find all posts here.


  • Please try to keep your posts between 500-700 words.
  • Feel free to incorporate personal stories (from yourself or your organization’s constituents) to help illustrate the impact of VAWA and the need for action to ensure Congress does not roll back VAWA’s protections.
  • Please feel free to use media such as video testimonials or pictures
  • Be sure to blast out your post and the blog carnival as far and wide as you can on Facebook and Twitter. We will be using the hashtags #VAWA and #RealVAWA. Posts that discuss Arizona SB 1070 can also be tweeted with the hashtag #justice4AZ



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    Alejandra 5 years ago

    Can posts be in spanish?

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