Public Schools Outside Your Neighborhood Zone


A few years ago, my husband and I moved our family of four. We moved 10 miles down the road. But as anyone who has ever moved knows, it turns things upside down for a bit, especially with two small children.

The move was worth it to my family and me. It was all for one main reason: It was for our children’s education.

The goal was for my kids to be in a learning environment where they can thrive and realize their full potential. As a parent, I was looking for an environment that was the best fit for my children’s individual needs.

The move would put us in a different school’s zone. We knew this would be the best fit for our kids, and it has been.

I meet a lot of parents who have made similar decisions to ensure their children could attend a school they thought would be the best fit. But also have met many parents who could not afford this option and had to go another route if their zoned school was not the best learning environment for their children.

Some found charter schools, like my friend Andrea. Others found Florida Virtual School.

But others, like my friend Tania, did not find another option, and every morning she had to send her gifted child to a school that was not meeting his needs.

We were fortunate. We had the financial ability to move and we did.

But making public-school choice something that can only be done if you can afford to move means so many families are left with no choice at all.

“Why should parents not be allowed  to review the schools in their area and  pick the one that best fits their child’s needs?”

Every child is different.

In an era where we have so many choices in life, it is surprising that our education system has not yet caught up to this idea.

We need a system where parents can apply to attend public schools outside their neighborhood zone, as long as that school has the capacity.

As a parent of two kids in Florida public schools, I believe this would be a great solution for many parents.





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