Monica Vila – Best Latin@ Business Blogger 2013

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For her energy, impact, and above all expertise, we are honored to name Monica Vila as the 2013 Best Latin@ Business Blogger!

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Monica brings extensive experience in consumer marketing to her blog and website. She is very much an expert in the branding world who has demonstrated incredible skill with marketing to women. The Online Mom’s approach to marketing involves the latest and greatest, focusing on the use of social media, sales messaging and positioning, consumer research and branding and identity to create a multidimensional approach.

But don’t let her business prowess scare you!

A mom herself, Monica is very active in parent communities promoting technology education for whole communities. She emphasizes getting the most out of new devices through understanding of both the risks and benefits of using integrative technologies.

Read her article about how video games may have the power to make you a better parent!

She also writes about new technology applications that both improve business and improve daily chores, especially for moms!


We are very proud of Monica’s accomplishments and are proud to award her the Best Latin@ Business Blogger of 2013. Her advocacy for business and technology along with her desire to aid and improve the Latino and female communities, she is a certainly a powerful individual in our community. Congratulations!

For more information, please follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn, and of course through The Online Mom.




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