Melissa Bailey – Best Latin@ Food Blogger 2013


I know all of you are searching for that perfect Latino dish for the holidays, but look no further! Melissa Bailey, our 2013 Best Latin@ Food Blogger and her blog, Hungry Food Love, is sure to have many possible solutions!


Melissa is a gregarious Latina with a passion for love and food, and she shows it in her words and her photography. Be warned, you may get hungry yourself from visiting her page!

She offers an amazing number of Winter Drink recipes, while offering ever-appreciated fast fixes, like her in-a-hurry cookie recipe from last year. Her recipes demonstrate creativity and originality with various ingredients that one wouldn’t always think to combine. She even hosts a special Lunes Latinos segment that offers genuine recipes from her beloved Dominican Republic and other classic recipes from her travels all over the world, like this variation on Flautas, seen below!


A less expected result from visiting Hungry Food Love is inspiration. You may find yourself off to the store for ingredients to create a new dish when you rarely cook, or maybe you’ll spend an extra 20 minutes preparing a special dinner to share with your family. Either way, Melissa shares her soul with her readers, exuding energy and devotion in each passage. Capture

She’s also true to her word.

Melissa’s main passion has been to work towards ending hunger, particularly in her home country of Dominican Republic through awareness and raising money. Food is often more enjoyment than a meal for many of us and therefore we are the ones who must look for ways of helping those who truly experience hunger. Read her post for more information on how you can help.


Melissa, a Latina mom and chef, also holds a Masters Degree in Service Management from Rochester Institute of Technology with two Bachelors of Science degrees in International Business and Business Administration.  When not working on Hungry Food Love, she is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Alstom Transport. Mostly, she is a free spirit with a desire to share her love of life through her love of food and family with the rest of the world.

We think she excels when it comes to lifting spirits and teaching us all how to appreciate a good dish.



Follow Melissa on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but don’t miss her recipes! She is also on Instagram and Pinterest, so check out more fantastic photos there! Congratulations to Melissa Bailey, 2013’s Best Latin@ Food Blogger!




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