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Every once in awhile you hear about a story and one word will come to your mind. The story I’m thinking about is one you’ve probably heard something about in the last week or two during the NBA finals. It seems one of the games had an 11-year-old Mariachi singer doing the National Anthem before the game. The singer, Sebastien De La Cruz of San Antonio Texas, a contestant on America’s Got Talent, was called in at the last minute to fill in for Darius Rucker, who couldn’t make the gig. After his performance, a number of racist tweets started to circulate and, as you can imagine, the blogosphere lit up in support of the young man. And he was classy every step of the way.

During interviews he was poised, honest, funny, friendly and, at all times, classy. He met the questions head on and didn’t flinch. He showed more class that many adults would have and as far as I’m concerned, he set an example for all of us to admire and try to live up to. With young Latinos like him, I have great hopes for the future.

To see the story, click here.




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