LetsMove and The White House Presents…

LetsMove        &   WhiteHousePresents…

A Conversation on the Health of our Nation’s Children

March 15, 2016

Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about our First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, I get pleasantly surprised by the amount of new initiatives that will continue on even after the Presidential family finishes their term in the White House.  A very special invitation was sent out to a select few of the country’s very best influential bloggers inviting them to the White House this morning to be part of “A Conversation on the Health of our Nation’s Children” — y claro ahí estába LATISM, representando! Deb Eschmeyer, the Executive Director of Let’s Move started off the event in full realness and excitement as she presented an A+ panel of the most influential leaders in the campaign starting with Dr Karen DeSalvo, Acting Secretary for Health, HHS who spoke to us about the accomplishments that the Let’s Move campaign has already achieved to  Ryan D Shadrick Wilson, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel at Partnership for a Healthier America who showed how fun and how easy it can be to engage a child into making healthy choices and learning how to live a healthier life.  The old, “my kid just isn’t interested in anything green” excuse isn’t cutting it anymore people!-– it’s about engaging your family and making it just as exciting for your little one to choose an apple as it is to pick a cookie.  Shadrick Wilson gave us a taste of how excited kids get over growing their own food, doing a fruit fundraiser instead of the typical Boy/Girl Scout cookie run and how kids just light up simply by choosing healthy!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.56.33 PM     

 Ryan D Shadrick Wilson, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel of Partnership for a Healthier America

But that was not my favorite part ladies and gentlemen. What was my favorite part?  

Three letters: F N V


Visita y Descubre a FNV:  https://www.fnv.com/join  

 FNV stands for Fruits and Vegetables, a new, branded initiative that the Partnership for a Healthier America has pushed forward in strong partnership with some of the country’s favorite faces as volunteers for the marketing initiative like Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Nick Jonas, and even football darling Sergio Romo!  These beloved superstars have teamed up for one reason — mind you none of these celebrities are getting paid to promote the cause — to make eating fruits and vegetables a brand that attracts even your most stubborn teenager.  F&V is not just a brand…but a cool brand… cooler than the Coolatta commercial from your latest Dunkin Donuts!  F&V is here to prove that having fresh fruits and veggies is just as cool and just as accessible as donuts, fast food and pizza.  It’s an amazing marketing campaign that has already become a popular trend.  Check them out at : https://www.fnv.com/join.  ME ENCANTA!

And then the icing on the cake of this event?  Pues, Michelle Obama, claro!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.56.55 PM
First Lady Michelle Obama ended the conversation with a powerful and very personal 30 minute remark where she shared how Let’s Move was born and why she decided years later, when she became First Lady, to make it her business to fight the obesity fight in America and move to raise a healthier generation of kids!  She spoke of how she often gave her kids every microwaveable-ready-to-eat dinner she could because between her and her husband’s constant travels and the kids busy schedules there just wasn’t time for a “proper meal”.  And then she said it.  Vote with your wallet.  She went on to tell us that this movement is about empowering communities and every single parent at a personal and individual level to realize that in fact eating healthy and living healthy IS affordable.  Una funda de manzana o un kid’s meal de McDonalds? Como quiera te sale a $5.00! So make your vote with your wallet.  YOU as a parent and community member are the one that moves the supply chain.  As Lady Obama stated, “McDonald’s didn’t just start introducing milk and apple slices into their kids menu randomly…they did so because they saw that parents demanded it!”  Toma!  Inspiring, educational and always in good style our First Lady wrapped up an amazing conversation leaving us with tools, websites to check out and a thirst to want to know more.  Join the conversation and visit www.letsmove.org to find out how you and your family and community can join the conversation. #HealthyLatinos #HealthyCommunities #HealthyFuture  #LETSGO! #LATISM



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