LATISM14 – Univision

This year Univision has become more than a partner to the #LATISM Familia.  They have become our heroes.  The first ones to bring 100% attention to the human crisis taking place in the border.  The pioneers who gave a voice to the Dreamers at all times even before they became cool.  Univision has confronted Obama on his Immigration broken promise until action was taken.  During #LATISM14, Univision held to core conversation by bringing together the top organizations that are playing key roles in serving our kids with their basic needs.  The Partnering Por Los Niños Lunch was the highlight of our conference this year.  Organizations like Save the Children, The American Academy of Pediatrics, Catholic Relief Services, Johnson & Johnson and Univision.  For the first time in history we no longer feel alone.  Thank you Univision for giving a voice to the voiceless in the time of greatest need.  Here’s how your message resonated with our #LATISM familia.




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