This week on #Latism – Double the Fiesta = Double the fun!

This week on #Latism, we have a DOUBLE TREAT for you. There’s so much going on at Latism, we’ve decided to DOUBLE the party!

Please read below and BE THERE! [we know you will]

For the 1st half: 8PM EST to 9 PM EST

We are celebrating la MADRE TIERRA!

A group of our Latinos hermanos and hermanas – including @dancingsparrow, @lancerios and @ketye –  who are going to Cochabamba for the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.

According to a Sierra Club National Survey, 66% of Latino(a)s in the United States, work and live close to toxic sites, add to that, the African Americans and Asians that live in highly polluted urban neighborhoods, the farmer migrants that are exposed to pesticides when picking US food and the Indigenous peoples that are having their lands mined and degraded and we have a big hot mess that makes the US majority generally and environmentally disadvantaged.

We’ll be talking about how this issue affects all of us in the US, and the kinds of things we can do everyday, as Latinos in Social Media, to create awareness about this subject.

WHEN: Thrusday, April 15th
TIME: 8 pm – 9pm EST
WHERE: Go to then type in #latism
PARTY HOST: Elianne Ramos aka @ergeekgoddess

Read more about the Cochabamba Conference here

=============== MUSICAL INTERMISSION ===============

For the 2nd half: 9PM EST to 11 PM EST

We Want YOU To make your PRIMER MILLÓN!!

According to last year’s Pew Hispanic Center report on Hispanics and the Economic Downturn, more than eight-in-ten (84%) foreign-born Hispanics report that their finances are in either fair or poor shape. Among the native born, 66% say as much.


We’re taking finances by the horns as we bring you a Live Q&A with guest Financial Expert Vielka Burey-Jacas.

WHEN: Thrusday, April 15th [Tax Day]
TIME: 9 pm – 11 pm EST
WHERE: Go to then type in #latism
PARTY HOST: Elianne Ramos aka @ergeekgoddess

GUEST EXPERT: Vielka Burey-Jacas, a bilingual Latina who is a senior advisor with Cela Advisors, LLC.

WHAT: Vielka will share tips and tools on how to reduce debt, become Tax and Budget conscious, and teach your children about how to be money savvy. She’ll answer your questions regarding finances so please come prepared with questions and tips of your own!


Vielka has a passion for helping family, students, homeowners, businesspersons, employees and other Latino community members expand their opportunities through improved financial literacy, and has extensive experience in the private banking and investment planning sector, having spent many years with both domestic and international banks.

Read more about Vielka here

Can’t make it to the party? Leave your questions for Vielka below and we’ll answer them in a future post!




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