7/21 LATISM Party: The Path to Economic Recovery

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UPDATE: As the rest of the nation succumbed to an inescapable scorching heatwave, our tweeps managed to remain cool, calm and collected throughout last night’s party: no small feat considering as hot a topic!

The tweets came as fast and furious as our folks debated on the causes, pros, cons of the National Debt Debate and came up with possible solutions to help America prevent or at least survive from a much-prophesized economic doom. They agreed to disagree on many respects, but one: the situation will get worse before it gets better, and most of our people need to be educated on protecting themselves from total financial disaster… PRONTO. Read their proposed solutions for achieving this in your handy-dandy LATISM Economic Recovery Party Transcript. And if you couldn’t make it last night, please join us next time to find out what’s inside the minds of Latinos in Social Media!

Here are some sample tweets:



© Stephen Finn | Dreamstime.com

It’s all over the news: The debt ceiling debate and an impending economic doom of global proportions.  While some believe that the consequences of an economic catastrophe in the country may not affect everyday citizens, others insist there will be adverse implications for everyone if a compromise is not reached on the best solution before the approaching deadline. Who do you believe? That is the big question.

As talks all over the country revolve around the debt limit, one thing becomes clear: no one will be more impacted by the potential fallout of the economy than minorities.

For Blacks, Latinos and other minorities who have suffered greatly during the recession -and who still face major barriers to employment in good jobs and continue to suffer significantly in terms of unemployment, underemployment and personal finances – these potential ramifications could be extremely damaging.

Tonight on LATISM, we’ll talk about hypothetical ways to survive a global economic collapse, strategies for helping our communities of color and finding a pathway to “Economic Recovery” for the nation.

– How will the crisis and potential collapse of the economy affect minorities, particularly Latinos, a high percentage of whom already live below the poverty level?

– Without getting into partisanship, is there any viable way to address this national crisis?

– How can our own personal priorities be re-set so that we support rather than hinder economic revitalization?

– What could be done to expand job growth and the rebuilding of our national, regional and local economies?

Join us, it’s going to be a hot one!






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