#Latism Mental Health and Latino Community recap 4/25

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The Hispanic community is notorious for having taboos about mental health and seeking treatment.  Could this be the reason why they do not look for help when it comes to depression and other disorders?  I could remember what people say about mental health and seeking a counselor and the reactions are not positive.  Our twitter discussion addressed all of these topics on April 25, and here is what you missed…

Via @Saludify Mental illness stigma: Cause of isolation and treatment delay https://bit.ly/11Ii5Sy  #Latism #latism

Jessica Sofia Valle@ergeekgoddess1 More so because people are not talking or getting through their issues and don’t ask for help. #LATISM

@ergeekgoddess Mental Illness can be cause by genetic traits, traumatic events/experiences. #latism

LadydeeLG@ergeekgoddess @byrdiefranco yes! There are resources available that ppl don’t know about #latism
 HeiddiZ@ergeekgoddess Start providing bilingual workshops about #mentalhealth to reduce stigma, give information and provide resources. #latism

@ergeekgoddess @BloggerofHealth @HeiddiZ I think mental health is a topic that has not been paid much attention, but should be.

Everyone seems to agree that there is not enough awareness of Mental Health in the Hispanic community.  In order to treat these conditions we must know what they are.  Mental health is just as important as getting an annual physical, which means if you do not feel like yourself speak up.  We can take better care of ourselves by learning new ways to cope with stress.  It is very important to get mental health under control so it does not affected other areas of your life.




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