Last week I made a call to action to all the Latino Tech Start-ups and Smart Investors Who Care About Diversity.  Guess what??? I’m humbled by the 130 volunteers who said presente to my call.  Crazy to see who answered the call.  Latin@s and non from all the corners of the country and even from Mexico and Spain.  I am humbled by the turnout and inspired by the ideas each volunteer is already sharing.  It feels fresh, it fills me with energy and shows that there is indeed hope in a community that is dying to make something HUGE happen.

Now the action starts.  We’re putting together a strategic team that will move the agenda forward.  It’s one of those moments when I have no clue how this whole thing will unfold.  But all I know is that it will be amazing.  A group of leaders are getting together to begin what we always dreamed of.  Not all can be directly engaged this week.  However  everyone will eventually have a role.  A core team will be contacted to start key committees.  Then they in turn will engage a larger team until every leader can bring on his/her unique granito de arena until we build what we want together.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all the corporations and organizations that have offered to help with the LATISM 2012 line-up.  It gives me chills to see the level of support.  We cannot accept everything we’re offered and trust me, it’s really hard to say no sometimes.  But we must stay true to our strategic goals and give priority to those organizations that have a credo in line with ours.

We have a busy month ahead of us.  Full of planning, organizing, moving and shaking.  I am humbled by the work of the LATISM Chapter Directors.  By the partnerships we are all building and the alliances that are literally quilting our differences in a creative and productive way.  Most often me queda grande.  That’s why I rely on our strong leaders who can bring forward a genuine agenda that places the greater good of our Latino community on top of any personal agenda.  The passion that we all share about the many issues affecting our community is what quilts LATISM.  I’m totally stealing this from our dear Edwin, but only out of admiration for what he is doing.  You should check it out and see what I mean.  No doubt that LATISM is on fire!  Let’s keep up the momentum and make it happen for real.



    Rose 5 years ago

     On fire? Are you kidding? You’re a four-alarm blaze, lady! It’s unbelievable how much you’re doing, and this is going to be a great success. Social media is definitely the #1 medium for reaching out to people today and we have to get EVERYONE with something important to say to offer world involved. Thanks for introducing me to Edwin’s site–what a touching, triumphant story…

    MavFanRy 5 years ago

    I for one can’t wait to participate, thank you for giving me the chance to be involved. Looking forward to the experience.

    Juan 5 years ago

    This makes me even more excited to attend LATISM. Knowing  that you got so many interested in participating in it in such a short time. Means LATISM is going   to be a huge event  this year. Thank you for doing this!

    JesusMartinez 5 years ago

    LATISM was amazing last year, and in my eyes I can’t see it getting better. But yet I know it will be even bigger and better! Already counting down the days.

    Eva 5 years ago

    Our Daughter has not stopped talking about LATISM and how badly she wants to go. When she gets home from school and I show her this, i might lose my hearing, when she founds out about the overwhelming interest you  recieved from people wanting to help make it successful.

    Michelle 5 years ago

    I cant wait to see what you guys have in store for us at LATISM!

    Antonio 5 years ago

    Hola, I can’t seem to find the link on when and where LATISM, if you have one can you email me the LATISM flyer so i can put them up around town.

    Elizabeth 5 years ago

    Thank You to everyone that called to get involved and is making LATISM happen!

    Rodrigue 5 years ago

    I volunteered to help out in anyway I can because I believe in the goal of LATISM. Hope ya’ll find something for me to do as I am interested in helping.

    Mariah 5 years ago

    Last year I loved LATISM, this year LATISM 12′ will be just as awesome. Cant Wait.

    Angela 5 years ago

    The speakers and participants should be thanking you for putting an event like LATISM together.Thanks for putting in all the hard work to run LATISM.

    AnaRC 4 years ago

    Thank you for the offer.  We’ll be posting a list of volunteering positions soon.

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