LATISM feels like you have primos in every city


I just watched the interview conducted by José Cardénas from Horizonte with the  Joe Ray, LATISM Phoenix Director and Co-Director Eric Diaz.  They made our Cyber familia very proud with their expert knowledge of the Hispanic market.  My favorite part was when Joe said: “LATISM feels like you have all these crazy cousins in every city of the USA”.  I also loved the reason why Eric moved to Arizona: “To show more Latino professionals and help break the stereotype” – This is so important.  And their LATISM-PHO Tweetup in January will amplify that 1000 times more.

Primos, this is so true! how often have I landed in an unknown city for work and two minutes after my foursquare check-in I get: “Don’t you dare come to my hometown without coming to meet your sobrinos” or the other day I got a “Forget that fancy downtown hotel, I have a sancocho waiting for you here!” – It is a big familia.  I am honored to be part of it.

What’s up this week:

1) LATISM’11 Workshops: A big surprise! for those of you who missed a workshop at the conference because the panel went over time, the LATISM Directors have kindly volunteered to deliver the workshops one more time.  We will be announcing the schedule this week.  So stay tuned.

2) Bloginaldos: We started this tradition in 2009.  Similar to the Aginaldos (del Caribe) we will visit a blog from the blogosphere and leave comments in the form of Villancicos.  We will start on Friday 9th and will visit all the LATISM’11 Awards Winners for one week.

3) Blog Posadas: To continue with our tradiciones navideñas, from the 16th to the 24th we will all visit a group of blogueros and blogueras from each industry.  Like back home, this is a great opportunity to go into the new neighboor’s house to make them feel welcomed.  We will announce the day for each category (food, fashion, parenting and so forth) next week.  There will be a fun game and prizes for those who help us find the new Bloguer@s in cyberlandia.

4) We’ll have a great party on Thursday with a very special guest.  Elianne will write a dedicated post about it.  In the meantime, save the date!

Un fuerte abrazo!



    Anonymous 8 years ago

    Gracias for the post! It’s with great pride that we get the enthusiasm started here in PHX. Crazy cousins have your back. Where else does one turn to in the world when questions arise that have to do with who you are? When the grown ups have left the room or refuse to fess up, we go to our cousins!

    It’s great to get the feedback and we’re excited for what’s coming up this week and after. Looking forward to un prospero año nuevo.

    Con safos y abrazos!

    AnaRC 8 years ago

    You’re the best primo one could have! Really making this cyber familia very proud. Keep up the great work!

    Baal Villegas 8 years ago

    Great post! The community sounds awesome if people are willing to help one another.

    Natachacampos26 8 years ago

    I’m glad that this site is getting the attention it deserves from the media. I mean it deserves to be known more for what it offers.

    Thomas Gonzalez 8 years ago

    I really agree with Eric Diaz of how he says that we are all naturally sociable. I mean, I can’t imagine my life as someone who is quiet around people. 

    Pamela Arriaga 8 years ago

    Latism is awesome! I really enjoy how I’m able to talk to other Latinos that live miles away from me. 

    Bertram Harrir 8 years ago

    It’s understandable that people would use their smart phones more than their computers. They are cheap and portable. Also, it allows them to stay in contact with people where ever they go.

    Toby Anderson 8 years ago

    It’s really awesome to see people that are trying to show other people that most Latinos aren’t what the stereotypes make them out to be. Go Eric!

    Christian Nash 8 years ago

    It’s great that Latism is spreading it’s name to more people. It’s a awesome community, and deserves more fame than other groups/celebrities. 

    Icaro Carranza 8 years ago

    The way that they presented to themselves and their way of talking shows that they are confident in Latism. Which they should, since this place is great!

    Erick Child 8 years ago

    I love what Eric Diaz is trying to prove. It’s awesome how dedicated he is to this. I hope the best of luck to him.

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