LATISM Announces Preliminary Agenda for Its National 2011 Conference



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LATISM Announces Preliminary Agenda for Its National 2011 Conference

Two-day program in Chicago, IL to feature over 100 top speakers, performances and tracks on Public Service, Business and Leadership, Personal and Community Influence

With an unparallelled population growth and an undeniably noticeable presence online, Latinos’ voices are now louder than ever. Channeling those voices into action will be one of the major themes at this year’s Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) 2011 National Conference. Today LATISM, the largest organization of Latinos engaged in social media, announced the preliminary agenda for LATISM National 2011, the organization’s annual bilingual conference. Held for the first time in Chicago, IL, the LATISM ’11 conference will feature a range of inspired thinkers from around the Latino Cybersphere.

The theme for this year’s bilingual Conference is “Amplifying Our Voices to Win The Future”. The lineup includes sessions on how to use of social media to amplify the impact of business leadership, personal influence and public service campaigns within the Latino community, in addition to exploring case studies in the areas of Health, Education, Economic Development and Civic initiatives.

The LATISM 2011 Agenda includes:

WEDNESDAY, November 9th, 2011

5:00pm – Early registration at Navy Pier begins

6:00pm – Opening reception & cocktail

THURSDAY, November 10th, 2011

8:00 am – Breakfast & Keynote speaker

9:00 am – Breakout sessions
• Public Service Track: Reaching Out for Health Through Social Media

• Business Track: When Traditional Media Meets New Media To Reach Latinos

• Community Track: Business 101 for the Cyber-Entrepreneur

10:30am – Coffee Break

11:00am – Breakout sessions
• Public Service Track: The Role of Social Media in Education

• Business Track: The New Metrics of Social Success

• Community Track: Social Networking for Job Search

12:30pm – Lunch & Keynote speaker

2:00pm – Breakout sessions
• Public Service Track: Social Good Goes Mobile

• Business Track: MultiCultural Social Media Campaigns That Rock

• Community Track: The Riches Are In The Niches

3:30pm – Coffee Break

4:00pm – Breakout sessions

• Public Service Track: Winning the Future: Education TownHall

• Business Track: Corporate Diversity and New Media

• Community Track: Social Media Disruption: Finding your Voice

6:00pm – LATISM Awards Dinner Gala – An evening of entertainment and giveaways

FRIDAY, November 11th, 2011

8:00 am – Breakfast & Keynote speaker

9:00 am – Breakout sessions
• Public Service Track: The Future of Learning: Transmedia Education

• Business Track: Spanglish: From La Calle To Madison Ave

• Community Track: Blog Traffic Secrets From The Pros

10:30am – Coffee Break

11:00am – Breakout sessions
• Public Service Track: TBA

• Business Track: Creating A Win-Win Brand/Blogger Relationship

• Community Track: Your Cyber Empire: Building Your Brand With Social

12:30pm – Lunch & Keynote speaker

2:00pm – Breakout sessions
• Public Service Track: The Social Media Movement for Civic Engagement

• Business Track: Technology And Greening Of The Economy

• Community Track:  Workshop – Lights, Camera, Vlog! Vlog Content production, syndication and monetization

3:30pm – Coffee Break

4:00pm – Breakout sessions
• Public Service Track:  Change Agents: Social Media For Social Change

• Business Track: Workshop – Leadership Skills for a Hispanic America

• Community Track:  Using Google+, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter for Community Building

5:30pm – Keynote/ farewell

7:00pm – Despedida Party

“Our program this year gets at the heart of Latino life in the United States and the role of social media in shaping its future,” says Ana Roca Castro, Chair and Founder of LATISM. “We’ve assembled a program that explores all aspects of this reality, from the socio-economic, civic and cultural constructs that define or threaten our humanity, to the use of technologies and social media resources that can elevate it.”

More information about the LATISM ’11 National Conference can be found at the conference website.

The LATISM ‘11 conference is on track to being sold out. To register and secure your spot at one of the most anticipated events of the year, go to our Eventbrite page.

To connect with LATISM on our different social media properties, please scan the QR code below.


The LATISM ’11 Conference is LATISM’s centerpiece, fully bilingual event of the year. This national event will consolidate the organization’s mission and audience of health providers, government officials, educators, community and thought leaders. Since 2009, the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) events have taken place in cities all around the United States, including New York, Orlando, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA and Silicon Valley, featuring more than 400 speakers to date. LATISM Conferences are considered an intensive educational forum for issues of importance to our community and a capstone experience for individuals and organizations interested in harnessing the power of social media in their outreach to the Latino population. Participants in the various LATISM events have included over 5,000 in-person attendees, with thousands more engaging via social media.

Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) is a 501(c) 4 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community. With a network of over 140,000 members, LATISM is the largest organization for Latinos engaged in social media, including bloggers and professionals from every arena. LATISM also helps to raise awareness among corporate brands, NGOs and government entities about using social media to reach Latinos through research, event sponsorships, and leadership training. A pioneering social media organization, LATISM has been hailed as the most influential online movement in the new multicultural Web. Visit




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