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As we prepare for our annual conference and reflect about the role of Latinos As Change Agents, we cannot help but question the reality we are facing when it comes to not being well represented in Corporate America. The lack of diversity and inclusion among corporate companies is no secret, and Latinos are clearly not the exception in this reality.


Although Latino consumer spending continues to grow and driving the US economy, and despite the increased efforts of companies and brands to get Latinos to favor their product and become their consumers, there is a clear disconnect with the community when it comes to hiring talent to be part of the decision making and growth of corporate companies from the inside out.


As per the results from last year’s 2015 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII) from the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, while Latinos make up an average of over 15% employees among the companies surveyed, they are usually not in executive roles, and are more likely to have non-exempt positions.


The research also found that only over 7% of board seats within the participating companies are Latinos. Moreover, from that 7 percent, Latinas held just two percent. So, why is it that despite being sought as consumer, we still don’t have a sit at the table? How can we use our power and influence to change those statistics? How can we act like the agents of change we are to help Latinos advance in Corporate America?


To discuss all of these questions and more, we want you to join us this coming Thursday for our weekly #LATISM chat to come up with ideas to demand more diversity and inclusion of Latinos in corporate positions.



When: Thursday, June 2nd at 9 p.m. EST


Hashtags: #LATISM #CorporateDiversity


Co-Host: @LATISM


Moderator: @DiversityUS






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