Latino2: It’s Not an Event. It’s a Movement

Just two days left to register for the premier of Latino2, the new LATISM event series that has the singular goal of bringing together the best minds in media, marketing, and communications in the Latinosphere — the emerging world of Latino digital influence.  We are launching the series on Saturday, in Los Angeles, with a short program focused on innovation in the local marketing community — the “LA Marketing Tribe.” Future stops over the next twelve months will include Sacramento, Silicon Valley, San Diego, and at least one more visit to Los Angeles area.

When we first started planning this venture, our first thought was to have a full-weekend conference.  We got lots of interest and support for the idea.  But as we went deeper into the planning process, we encountered a few interesting challenges … and a few interesting opportunities.  On the challenges side, there was the very real issue that many people we wanted to reach would not be able to make the trek to LA, either because of cost or the time commitment required.  On the opportunity side was the sheer diversity of the market, up and down the state of California.  Sometime this summer it occurred to us — why ask people to come to us, when we could go to them?  By evolving the single weekend event into a series of events, we now have the opportunity to bring Latino2 to the people.

Gotta say, that’s a far more exciting mission than what we first had in mind.  And based on the reaction of the people — the people in LA who are coming to this first event in droves, and the people in other areas (even outside California) who are asking us to visit — it’s a far greater contribution to the market.  We now have the beginnings of a movement, and we look forward to hearing how you might help.  If you can make LA this weekend, we seriously urge you to register today (we’re running out of tickets, so be quick).  We’ll be starting the conversation there, so I hope you will join.




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