Latino Trends in Social Media


While social media usage is popular among millennials, there is one group in particular that is taking it by storm – Latinos. According to Pew Hispanic, Latinos use social networking sites at similar—and sometimes higher—rates than do other groups of Americans and 84 percent of them are 18 to 29.

A powerful letter by Adriana Almanza to Donald Trump recently took social media by storm. She called him out on his blind-sided views of Latino immigrants in the U.S., but what made her story different was that it resonated with other immigrants across our nation. It gave them a connection to the feeling that was felt when Trump issued those comments.

In May, New York Times writer Nate Cohn declared that more Latinos are declaring themselves white:

Race is an immutable characteristic for many white, black and Asian-Americans. It is less clear for Americans of Hispanic origin. The census form asks two questions about race and ethnicity: one about whether individuals are of Hispanic or Latino origin, and another about race. ‘Hispanics’ do not constitute a race, according to the census, and so 37 percent of Hispanics, presumably dissatisfied with options like ‘white’ or ‘black,’ selected ‘some other race.’ 

Many Latinos voiced their dissatisfaction of this statement, so in just 24 hours #WhatLatinosLookLike started spreading like wildfire. Latinos proudly honored their ethnic identities and sent a message that Latinos come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

These examples are some of many in which Latinos use social media to connect on a deeper level with a multicultural audience. According to Census data, by 2043, whites will no longer make up the majority of the U.S. As the Hispanic population surges, there is no telling how much more powerful social media will become.

By: Gabriella Landeros (@Gabriella_Land)

Gabriella is the Press Secretary at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. The L.A. County Federation of Labor is the second largest Central Labor Council in the country, representing over 300 unions and hundreds of thousands of working women and men throughout Los Angeles County.



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