Latinas Climbing The Corporate Ladder Of Fortune 500 Companies


6161813731_f5b04b5255Latinas are not dominating the corporate sector, but they are working up the ladder in fortune 500 companies.  The statistics are a grim reality with only 5 percent sitting on Fortune 500 boards.  Women are underrepresented in the companies and he fact that of the 20 female CEOs at these companies only four are women of color and none is Latina is quite discouraging.

The good news is that there is hope for the Latinas because there are 50 Latinas excelling at Fortune 500 companies. Whether working their way up the corporate ladder, or serving on the board.  Latinas need more role models to guide them in the path of success.  Overcoming stereotypes and challenges because of race and gender should not have to be their main priorities.  The Latino community needs to focus on building confidence in our women because the drive is clearly there.

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