Junk food industry’s shameful targeting of black and Latino youth


mcdonalds-foodMarketing companies continue to target two main populations and that includes young African Americans and Latinos.

How are they targeting these two ethnic groups?

 Not just on television but in classrooms, in neighborhoods, on social media. It happens in obvious ways, through big-budget TV ads, and in subtle ways, through peers enlisted as brand ambassadors.

In comparison to their White peers African American and the Latino youth are experiencing diet-related disease.  

Celebrity role models are being used to draw in the youth for example, using athletes to sell burgers.   Lori Dorfman, director of the Berkeley Media Studies Group, explained to me, “Marketing is integrated in all aspects of their lives.”

While marketing companies attribute to the obesity rates the parents of these youths can only wonder when enough is enough.

Is this more than an obesity issue or is there more to the problem?

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