Join us to talk about the way Latino families connect through technology

Let’s be honest here.  How many of us can keep a chisme for more than a few hours?  I know my first reaction is to call my tias and join the original version of Twitter.  It’s called el tiki tiki! I know that as you read this post you’re already remembering your last round of chisme.  I love it when I get different versions of the same cuento and they ask me to keep it 500% confidential.  The higher the secret level, the juicier the chisme.  A que no?
On a serious note, I’m often relieved to know that I’m just a phone call away to hear abuelita’s voice.  It makes a huge difference to connect on that level and to have my kids talk to her in Spanish on a regular basis.  These connections will now be enhanced by the new Univision & T-Mobile Launch “Univision Mobile” a Pioneering New Wireless Service designed pa’ nosotros.  It’s like combining my two loves.  I’ll talk to mami about lo buena que esta esa novelita right while the action is happening.  We can laugh and cry together.
On an even more serious note, I see Univision opening the path for other brands who are interested in influencing the fast growing Hispanic community.  Users can stay connected to family and friends and they will have media content at their fingertips!  This new service is already available since May 19th. I cannot wait to get it!  In the meantime join the party to talk about the way we Latinos connect through technology.  To think that the LATISM familia mainly uses technology to connect and empower one another is just amazing.

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HOSTESS: @MendezGonzales

DATE: Thursday, May 22, 2014

TIME: 9:00 PM (EST)

HASHTAG(s): #UnivisionMobile #LATISM


For more information about Univision Mobile you can access




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